The Working/Learning blog carnival

A blog carnival is a collection of posts from several blogs, linked to a common theme. Each month, someone hosts the carnival. The host collects links and short descriptions from participating blogs, then posts these in a “host post” on his or her own blog on the scheduled day.

Tastes and thrills for everyone

I’d seen several carnivals outside my field (a few of them appear in my blogroll). And I’d seen several carnivals related to education — elementary and secondary school, higher education, and academia. When I couldn’t readily find one dealing more specifically with training and learning on the job, and with how adults go about managing their own learning, I came up with this theme:

Work at learning; learning at work

The carnival’s for posts that relate to how individuals can go about their own learning, and how learning happens in the workplace.

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  • Working/Learning 10: June, 2009–maybe at your blog?

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CC-licensed carnival photo by mygothlaundry.