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Front-End Analysis

For the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, an independent agency of the U.S. government responsible for administering bankrupt defined-benefit pension plans, I conducted a front-end analysis. They wanted to improve results from their Processing Benefits Determinations course, intended to train employees in deciding whether an individual was entitled to benefits, and in sending a letter explaining that determination.

I have edited the analysis by removing the names of specific individuals and of actual PBGC systems. However, this version of the document, in PDF format, accurately reflects the analysis, report, and recommendations made to PBGC.

PDB Course – Front End Analysis

Interactive storyboard for online learning

A government procurement agency wanted its annual mandatory ethics training in an online format, a new method for them. Many clients find it difficult at first to make the leap from paper storyboard to final product. So for the attorneys, subject-matter experts, and other stakeholders, I created this stick-figure storyboard in PowerPoint, with hyperlinks to enable them to interact with the storyboard as students would with the course.

The first two screens describe the model scenario, and the third screen gives a high-level view of the design. After that, the storyboard begins.

Interactive storyboard: an ethics vignette (download, then launch PPT slideshow)

Job Aid Analysis

A series of three blog posts on when to build a job aid:

The go / no-go decision (does a job aid make sense?)

Ask the task (do tasks characteristics support use of a job aid?)

Watch out for obstacles (dealing with barriers to using job aids) 

Online guide for post-workshop coaching

One workshop in a series developed for the U.S. Agency for International Development dealt with delivering an elevator speech–a quick, impromptu description of, for example, the current status of a development project.

I created guides for managers. The elevator speech guide includes a summary of the workshop, a checklist for developing someone’s skill with elevators speeches, some best practices, and a checklist for preparing or critiquing an elevator speech.

How Good is Your Elevator Speech? (opens in new window)

Flood insurance basics for insurance agents

Sample slides from a seminar for insurance agents. The goals was to provide a consistent overview focused on the concerns of agents, who are often unfamiliar with the specifics of flood insurance. I collaborated with other developers to develop a more engaging, more consistent presentation.

Flood Insurance Essentials (PDF version of PowerPoint presentation)

Canadian Learning Journal article

2.0 Tools: What’s in it for me?

From my presentation at the CSTD Conference and Trade Show on November 1, 2012.

Slideshow from “Using Job Aids”

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