Training: if you’re “teaching,” you should have chopped

I’m not foolish enough to try and improve on Cathy Moore, whose Too Basic? Chop It! needed only 273 words.  (And “duh” accounts for 5 of them.)

I cracked up reading one part, which reminded me of a certain type of “subject-matter expert” fretting about leaving out important information:

But what about the two people who don’t know what “email” is?


2 thoughts on “Training: if you’re “teaching,” you should have chopped

  1. Thanks so much for preserving these examples, Dave.

    Sadly, the link to Cathy’s post is now broken. (I’ve tried the Wayback Machine at, but couldn’t find an archived copy of the post either.)

    Do you by any chance know where a copy might be stored? Thanks!

  2. Hi, Craig —

    I’m sorry Cathy’s post has vanished into the ether. I had no more luck than you did.

    I did find a similar item from the same period: How to Recognize eLearning Bloat. There are others as well under the “writing style” tag on her site.

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