The return of Working / Learning

The Working / Learning Blog Carnival seems to have been on vacation for a while. Time to reopen.

The idea of a carnival is a regular collection of posts with some common thread. In this case, we’re talking about posts relating to the theme of work at learning; learning at work.

You can't keep a good carnival downSo if you’ve got something to say about how people go about their own learning, or how individuals and organizations try to foster learning at work, you ought to think about taking part.

If you don’t know much about blog carnivals, there are three mains parts:

  • Participants write a post connected to the overall theme, publishing that post on their blogs on the designated day.
  • One blogger acts as the host for the carnival, publishing a short description and a link to each participating post. (In return, each participant posts a link to the “host post” so readers of the one blog can find the rest of the carnival.)
  • The carnival appears on a regular basis.

Once a month seems good for now. Past editions of the Working / Learning carnival appeared on the third Monday of the month. If I can get at least four hosts to step up, we’re covered for the rest of the year.

Can’t have a blog carnival without posts, though. Our process hasn’t been very bureaucratic: if you want to participate, just write a post ahead of time (or, if you must, recycle a hit from the past) and send the permalink and a description to the host. You don’t need an invitation; you don’t need to make a commitment to join each time.

It’s a good way to discover other bloggers you might not follow, and someone might discover you as well.

More details on these pages:

“Alive” poster photo by eqqman / Eric Hart.