The carnival’s back in town

Tony Karrer is hosting the June 2008 edition of the Working/Learning Blog Carnival (about the carnival) at WorkLiteracy.  (WorkLiteracy is “a network of individuals, companies, and organizations” looking to address “a growing gap between the work practices and skills that most knowledge workers possess and the resources available to them.”)

You’re invited to share your opinions:

  • Is there a gap between how knowledge workers to their work, and how they could if they harnessed different methods, tools, resources?
  • If your answer’s yes, where do you see the opportunities?
  • Is the issue of work literacy receiving enough attention?

In a departure from the usual blog carnival format, you can participate by posting on your own blog and sending Tony a link, or by sharing your thoughts as comments to the “host post” (where you can see more of the thinking behind this issue.

The invitation’s open through the end of June.