Performance support: how ya gonna call

Great thanks to Jay Cross for his post, The True Meaning of Customer Service Messages, and in particular for a link at the end of it.

If, like Jay or like me, you’ve ever wanted to break through the automated-call barricades (“For last names ending with T, press 1. For last names without the vowel U, press 2…”), you’ll appreciate a true performance support solution:

The image above is a link to, which explains how to bypass a company’s system and get a human on the phone.

For example, if you are unlucky enough to need to call AFLAC (800-992-3522),:

  • When the system answers, press #.
  • At the prompt, press #.
  • At the prompt, press #.
  • At the prompt, press 3.

(Pretty sneaky, those AFLAC guys.)