Filling in the picture

For some time, I’ve been using CC-licensed images on my blog posts and elsewhere as well.  CC Search makes that easy, as does Compfight.

Is the fact of no events an event, though?I’m using far less text and far more images when I create presentations or workshops.  Here, you still get lots of text.  So it goes.

I think it’s important to give credit to the people who offer the images, and so I try always to make the image itself a link back to the source.  And I try to include a credit (like at the bottom of my posts), linking to the photographer’s profile.

One other thing I’ve been doing is writing a brief note to the photographer.  I thank him for sharing. I include a link to the photo (so he knows which one I’m talking about), and I include a link to the blog post (in case he’s curious about how I used the image).

I’m often surprised by the associations I make based on the images.  Even if my contact with the photographer is a one-time thing, it reminds me that there aren’t events–but there are connections.

By the way, the April edition of the Working / Learning blog carnival has arrived, hosted at Dave Wilkins’ Social Enterprise blog.  It’s worth a visit.

If you don’t think you can contribute this time around, Kevin Jones of Engaged Learning will host the May edition.  (Wanna host in June?)

CC-licensed hoto of phone photo by Dave.Hull.

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