Jotting by phone

After a false start with a competing product, I’m happily using the Jabra BT500 Bluetooth headset with my cell phone.

I’m not big on talking while in the car (especially since I have a 5-speed), but I’ve been making two-hour drives lately. The headset allows me to receive the (rare) incoming call.

Then, earlier today, I read this post at Michele Martin’s Bamboo Project. The post told me about Jott, a service that turns voicemail into email.

Since I’m even worse at writing notes in the car than I am at dialing the phone, I really like the idea of being able to record a short message to myself and have that message show up as email.

I registered on the site, confirmed my email, indicated the phone number I’d use, and then called Jott from the cell phone to send myself a message.

There are other features, like creating a list of people so that you can record a single message and send it to all those on the list. There are probably others, but the key for me was: could I send a message to myself using the headset?