Jeff Cobb on Learning 2.0

Stephen Downes (of course) links to Mission to Learn, where Jeff Cobb makes available Learning 2.0 for Associations (link is to the post).

Here’s the 116-page document as a PDF (5 megabytes); the original SlideShare link is in the post.

Cobb writes in a clear, calm, non-technical style. He includes a host of examples (highway-safety podcasts that include interviews with truck drivers) . I particulary liked the “possibilities” boxes with a few bullets suggesting applications of each technology.

He also quotes Stephen Downes on differences between groups and networks, a distinction worth keeping in mind:

Groups require unity; networks require diversity.

Groups require coherence;
networks require autonomy.

Groups require privacy or segregation;
networks require openness.

Groups require focus of voice;
networks require interaction.

2 thoughts on “Jeff Cobb on Learning 2.0

  1. Dave–Thanks for mentioning the Learning 2.0 eBook here and for the specific comments on what you found interesting/likeable about it. I just responded to a comment over on Mission to Learn that I don’t think I did Downes’ thinking justice–hard to do in a work of this nature–but I hope I have alerted at least a few more people to it and also made Learning 2.0 as a general concept a but more accessible.


  2. Jeff,

    My pleasure. I think your book has particular value for people who aren’t early adopters — the folks who are trying to deal with a problem, or seize an opportunity.

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