Blog carnival? Isn’t it Lent?

Just when I thought I was in, they pull me back out.

(Updated 3/16: if you’re looking for the current Working/Learning blog carnival, it’s over here.)

When your to-do list includes the item “check to-do list,” it’s time to get things up to date.  For me, one of the best ways to learn a lot quickly is a blog carnival.

If you haven’t seen one (where’ve you been?), that’s a periodic anthology.  One blogger acts as the host, posting descriptions and links to a bunch of other blogs.  Each participating blogger offers his or her contribution to the carnival’s overall them.

An example? I’m a fan of the Encephalon carnival (neuroscience and psychology).  It’s in its 65th edition, with a dozen or more blogs taking turns as the host.

So I’m resuming the Working/Learning blog carnival, which started here last year.  The theme’s simple: work at learning; learning at work. If you can get a blog post to fit into that tent, then why not take part?

I’ve got tips for participants, but the quick summary is:

  • Write a post (ahead of time, even, if your blog software allows it)
  • Send me a description ahead of time (dferguson at strathlorne dot com)
  • Send me the permalink to the post

I’ll write the “host post” and have it appear on the day of the carnival.  If you’re in a collaborative mood, mention the carnival in your post, and link back to the host post (so your readers can find the other participating blogs).

Don’t be shy.  A carnival’s not only a good way to read blogs you might not ordinarily see, it’s not a bad way for other people to read yours.  March 16th.  That’ll leave you free for St. Patrick’s.

And if you’re thinking you might like to host the carnival (usual schedule: third Monday of the month), we can manage that too.  Let me know you’re interested, and I’ll enroll you in the six-week host course induct you into the mysteries tell you what you’d like to know.

“Reopening” photo by luckygirllefty, used under a CC license.