Two-day wonder

My wife and I got married on February 29th last year.  (For those who are thinking the obvious: in common years, we plan to celebrate on the day after February 28 and the day before March 1.)

A little diversion:

7 thoughts on “Two-day wonder

  1. Thank you, Janet.

    My wife didn’t know till earlier this week that I’d set a post to appear the day we got married. We’re both sorry that the great Joe Diffie / Mary Chapin Carpenter duet has been taken off YouTube.

  2. Thank you, Rupa. It may not have been late — probably it was still March 1 here in Maryland when you wrote your comment…

  3. Thank you, Cammie. If you follow this link, you can click track 7 to hear a clip of Cam Ye by Atholl, a sweet tune Niel Gow composed 200 years ago or so. We used it to start the ceremony. (And at the moment, this album by Celtic Fiddle Festival is ten bucks, which is a steal.)

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