Learning from Cathy Moore

Following yet another trail of links, I came to Cathy Moore’s post about online-learning avatars.

While I didn’t like the the demos I saw (note: they’re not hers; she was posting about the concept), another post shredded an envelope I hadn’t known I’d been inside.

Moore, instead of noodling about the role of graphics or ways to hold attention by having animated toads wander around a screen, manages to get a dozen pictures to do the work of well over 12,000 words. (You can click the graphic to view her post, and you should.)

Part of a graphic by Cathy Moore (http://blog.cathy-moore.com/)

One thought on “Learning from Cathy Moore

  1. I’m glad you liked the comic, and thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog. Print publishers may be catching on to the power of comics in non-fiction, with one example being a graphic adaptation of the 9/11 Commission’s report (“The 9/11 Report” by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon). I think comics could do a lot to improve elearning as well.

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