Watching Kyte

I watched a presentation by Robert Scoble at kyte, a site that enables you to produce an online show and have a channel for it.

I didn’t care much for the Scoble presentation, but the Kyte experience was intriguing (screenshot below; click for full-larger version).

Screenshot from Kyte (click for larger version)

A handful of reactions:

  • I found myself paying attention to the live chat, especially since the presentation didn’t retain my attention long.
  • I wonder why, if you bothered to record three videos (as Scoble’s done here), you wouldn’t go back and view them before posting?
  • Related to that, the chat window (which is real-time for people watching whatever Kyte video or channel you have up) is both intriguing and distracting. I found myself in two or three side conversations, mostly about the video content.
  • Kyle is a new product, so some basic stuff is missing. It took a while to find the video controls (you have to click the movie-camera icon in the lower left of the video window). No rewind (back up) as far as I could see.

The live chat in particular emphasized the challenge of the on-demand world… those in the chat were in the same channel (meaning, could be watching one of the three videos Scoble posted), but not necessarily in the same one, and not necessarily even watching (they could have paused or stopped the video).

So depending on the participants at the time, you could get the “Google Rulz!” kind of comment, or a link to a page related to the discussion, or even a link to someone’s blog.

Nothing you can do about that — in this setting, people can opt out, wander off, etc. And the potential is there for ad-hoc learning, though it’s hard to maintain a discussion thread for more than two or three minutes, as new people come in and others leave.

I would have liked some way to follow up with one or two individuals, but I didnt’ see a way to send a private message and wasn’t about to offer my email or IM address, let alone ask someone for theirs.

One thought on “Watching Kyte

  1. Dave,

    Indeed, we are trying to connect people with similar interests.

    This post is a great source of feedback for us too!
    I am working at kyte and your feedback is really interesting! Thank you therefore.

    Do you already have an own channel?

    Please share more feedback with us:
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