Training, from bad to verse

I was going through some old email, including things I’d submitted long ago to the TRDEV list. Apparently back in 2004, list members were submitting training-related haiku.

Thinking that form overrated, I offered this:


No knowledge-store improves our ROI;
Nor lecture nor the honcho’s latest craze,
Unless from content turns our client’s gaze:
“Results” the thing on which to fix our eye.

For web-based trash-with-Flash, ’tis true, some yearn,
Or Myers-Briggs, or other folderol.
One sees the horse behind the cart withal;
A rush to fix doth make thy assets burn.

In sooth, to talk at folk is not to teach,
And howsoe’er you train, it be like dross
If tools or motives, process flow, or boss,
Impede and put performance out of reach.

Heed Gilbert, Mager, Harless, all those guys;
“Results! performance!”–then wilt thou seem wise.