Feed your passion

Browsing Janet Clarey’s blog, I found a post steering me to The Common Craft Show, creators of the breezy video, RSS in Plain English. Great introduction, and also an engaging presentation. Three and a half minutes, very little tech jargon, and if you’ve never used a reader, you’re ready to.

Update on 8/26/07: (I’m having trouble getting the video to play here on the Whiteboard without screwing up the page, so for the time being, click the image above and you’ll go to the video at the Common Craft site.)

Ah…I had been having trouble getting the video to play on the Whiteboard, but a little bit of WordPress arcana* had stood in the way. Things are working now.

Readers you can use:

…And, if you use Yahoo, you can add a reader to your My Yahoo! page.

* About the arcana:
I had to turn off WordPress’s rich text editor in order to paste in the code for the video. Once I’d done that and saved the post, I could turn it back on again. If you use WordPress, you’ll find the checkbox for the rich text editor by choosing the Users menu and then Your Profile.