Something to do: Do It

Noted by Jane Hart, a tool so lightweight it could almost float away.

DoItDoItDone! lets you create an online to-do list. No registration, no email; your list gets a unique URL (which you can choose to share).

Nothing to include high/medium/low prioritizing (what would the Franklin Covey people think?), but you can drag items up and down the list.  A single click marks a task as complete; a second click removes it from the list entirely.

Is it overkill to have an online application for what a scratch pad could do?  Not if it works for you — you could save your list to Delicious, for example, and access it from any machine.  So could people you’re collaborating with.

There’s a button to display your list on a web page or on your blog.  (Don’t look for my list any time soon.)  You can permit others to edit the list, which means a small group might share a list of tasks, within anybody able to add, edit, or check off a task.

My paper lists get pretty ratty, and the prioritized lists I make in Outlook can leave me feeling overburdened (or guilt-ridden).  I see this as not a bad way to focus on short-term to-dos — the same way I’ll stick a Post-It reminder on the front door so I don’t head out to the bank without the stuff for the safe-deposit box.