Hosting Working/Learning

The host for the postsEach month, someone hosts the Working/Learning blog carnival. That means you create a post with links and short descriptions for all the participants in the carnival.

Here’s what to do if you’ve volunteered to host an edition of the carnival:

  1. On your blog, via email, or through other means, announce the new carnival to past participants, and feel free to invite others as well.
    • Hint: people are likelier to participate if you invite them individually.
    • Hint: you know good bloggers who might not know about the carnival.
  2. You can suggest a subtheme (something that fits under the “work at learning, learning at work” umbrella), but you don’t have to. Carnivals work well when the participants write about what interests them.
    • Work at learning covers just about anything related to how an adult can learn (or manage his learning).
    • Learning at work means the workplace, wherever that might be.  Traditional classroom, online, self-directed, performance support–it’s in there.
  3. Make sure interested participants have a way to contact you.   Is it easy to find your email on your blog?   Or tell them to leave a comment on a post announcing the carnival you plan to host.
  4. If your blog software permits this, create a draft of the host post ahead of time and send its permalink to the participants so they can include it in their individual posts. If your blog software doesn’t permit you to save a draft and know its permalink, send the permalink out on the day of the carnival.

Here are two examples of host posts:

Big Cheese photo by SoStark / Carleton Atwater

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