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All God\'s chillun got a place in the choir...The Working/Learning blog carnival doesn’t have a lot of structure. Each month, one blogger acts as the host for the carnival. The host may invite some participants, but feel free to invite yourself.

A host may suggest a topic that fits into the overall theme of “work at learning; learning at work.” And keep in mind that the host may run out of space or otherwise miss your contribution. If that happens, c’mon back for the next carnival… or offer to host it.

Some suggestions for participants:

  1. Let the host know you plan to participate. (Links to hosts here.)
  2. Write a post that you’ll publish on the day of the carnival. Include something in the post to say it’s part of the current Working/Learning blog carnival.
  3. If your blog software permits, write your post ahead of time and save it as a draft or unpublished. (With software like WordPress, that’ll give you a permalink.) Send the permalink to the host, along with a brief description.
  4. If your software doesn’t allow saving ahead of time, publish your post the day before the carnival. Send the permalink and the description to the host. When the host post appears, edit your own post to include a permalink back to the host post. (That helps readers of your blog find the rest of the carnival.)

Here’s an example of a participating post with that link to the host post.

“Carnival participant” photo by SoStark / Carleton Atwater.

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