Multitâche with PiE

Thanks in part to a neighbor’s upcoming trip to France, I’ve looked for ways to practice and strengthen my French. (I’d like to practice and strengthen my Gaelic, too, but is ioma nì a chailleas fear na h-imrich*.)

One useful and entertaining resource: the Verbcast from Partners in Excellence — a series of 20 podcasts, each about 20 minutes, reviewing basics of French verbs. Yes, this is stuff I learned long ago from Brother André, but I have no problem working on a well-planned review.

The Verbcasts encourage relaxation techniques: using headphones, closing your eyes, slowing your breathing during each Verbcast. I don’t usually do this, since my Verbcast time tends to be my drive to and from the gym. Even so, I appreciate the structure, a reminder of rules I’d forgotten, and practice with pronunciation.

Speaking of pronunciation, PiE is a collaborative project among schools in Argyll and Bute, East Ayrshire, and North Ayrshire — so while the French has crisp French accents, the English explanations have a sturdy Scots burr.

* Many a thing drops from the man who often flits.