Chat via web page?

My son provided me a link to, which is supposed to permit online chat through a web page. This is my experiment; I’m adding to code to enable chat through this post.

(If I have problems, this post’ll get modified…)

The steps on the site are:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Add to iChat, Gaim, Trillian (or, I assume, other chat clients)
  3. Add to the web page

So, that’s what I’m doing…

…and, having done that, I see there’s a little box in the lower right of the screen. As I write, the box reads “not available,” but I see in the demo it can read “click to chat.”

Ah, I’m understanding this better.To work with, I needed to:

  1. Create an ID with (which I did)
  2. Use a chat client like Pidgin, entering as an XMPP*
  3. Add the code to a web page (like this post)
  4. Log into via Pidgin.

(Some understanding — two of the points I’d written above, earlier…)

If I do that, then when you visit the page that the code is on (like this post), you’ll see a little box with “available to chat” on it. If I’m not logged onto, you’ll see “not available.”

The box on this page allows any visitor to the page to chat with me, assuming I’m around to respond. An interesting concept.

* Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, a standard for messaging — like Jabber.

Added an hour later: okay, I moved the code off this post and into the WordPress sidebar. Everything still seems to work, but now the chat box should appear even if this post isn’t on the page.