Plugging into WordPress

Michael Feldstein at e-Literate points the way to Lorelle on WordPress.

Dave’s quick aside: WordPress is blog software; you can set up your own blog at, or download the software from and install it at your own site. There are other ways to run blogs ( like Blogger). WordPress is just the one I know best and the wall on which the Whiteboard hangs.

What Michael highlights is Lorelle’s series on WordPress plugins. A plugin is code you can add into your WordPress setup to do some particular task. For example, the list of most recent posts in my sidebar comes from a plugin.

When I first began using WordPress, I thought I’d end up needing to learn a lot of code in order to tinker with things to my satisfaction. Though I have learned a tiny bit of code, nearly any time I think “wouldn’t it be great if I could…?”, I end up finding a plugin to do it for me.

Lorelle’s got the meta-plugin, I guess: she’s explaining things I hadn’t even considered. Yet another example of informed, informal learning.