It’s been a long ride

A side trip today:

For over 120 years, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have fielded the Musical Ride, a troop of riders who perform various maneuvers and cavalry drills. In part it’s a link to the force’s origin as the North-West Mounted Police; in part it’s an expression of good will.

The Musical Ride appeared in Windsor, Ontario, on May 25th. At the start of the 7 p.m. performance, Inspector Bruce Whillans, commander of the Musical Ride, requested permission to begin from the senior Mountie present.

That was former Constable Hugh Ferguson, who joined the force in 1934, at the age of 21.

Hugh Ferguson and Constable Wally Silver, Windsor, Ontario, May 25, 2008

My sister, who like my parents lives in suburban Detroit, learned that the Musical Ride was coming to Windsor (which, if you’re not up on geographic minutia, is south of Detroit). She called to see if she could get tickets for Dad. He ended up as the guest of honor, escorted (as in the photo) by Constable Wally Silver.

5 thoughts on “It’s been a long ride

  1. That’s great, Dave. I’m glad that your father had the opportunity to have his service recognised in this way.

    Maintien le Droit

    BTW, I lived in Windsor during the mid ’80’s, looking North at Detroit from Janette Avenue ;-)

  2. Thanks, Harold. Dad has always been proud of his service. A few decades back, while visiting me here in the D.C. area, he decided to drop in at the Canadian embassy (where as you know the Mounties provide security, as the Marines do as U.S. embassies).

    When they learned he’s served, the commander insisted he come back and meet the rest of the detachment, and he spent a good part of his day drinking tea and telling stories of his assignments in Halifax during World War II.

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