Looking inside the brain (TED)

Neuroscientist Christopher deCharms earlier this year at TED gave this brief (4 min.) talk showing how fMRI can provide real-time images of the brain at work.

(Note to self: remember in WordPress to turn off the visual editor when pasting code into a post, like “embed this video” from TED.)

2 thoughts on “Looking inside the brain (TED)

  1. Dave,

    These brain-related posts are tremendous. I think it’s becoming inevitable that we all learn more about the brain, particularly those of us who are concerned with learning through the network. The net mimics the brain in so many ways.

    It feels like we’re on the cusp of some amazing new discoveries about learning and the brain. What a time to be in the learning business!

    Keep up the great posts.

  2. Ken, the brain-related things, whether on a high level (as in, “what works to facilitate learning?”) or on a low (as in, “what’s going on in there?”), always grip my attention.

    Obviously there’s much we don’t know, but keeping one eye on science helps to offset fads and nonsense like this myth that Will Thalheimer tries so hard to debunk.

    If you’d like a leisurely read that combines autobiography with some major sources for what we know about learning in the brain, try Eric Kandel’s In Search of Memory. Astonishing what we owe to Kandel…and to sea slugs.

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