About the Whiteboard

About the Whiteboard When I write on a whiteboard, or scribble on paper with a felt-tip, I’m likelier to sketch — to try things out, to rearrange freely. I’m more open to possibility.

Or, maybe I just fiddle around more.

In any case, this whiteboard is where I explore interests, tweak ideas, and scribble hunches. Most of what’s here relates to training, learning, or performance improvement, though I always have time for a side trip.

To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, odd topics that catch your interest are dancing lessons from God.

For someone who talks a lot in person, I hesitated to talk in pixels. I don’t have the Great Insight of the Day (or the month). I think we know some things about how people learn, and how to help them accomplish what Tom Gilbert called worthy performance — results whose value greatly exceeds the cost of accomplishing them.

In my consulting work I’ve gotten people excited about topics like vendor-managed inventory — not the terminology or even the technology, but the new value it brought to their job of managing to have as little stuff on hand as possible without running out, day after day. I’ve taught thousands of people who’d never used personal computers to master a custom application they’d use daily — without ever uttering the words “megabyte” or “bandwidth.”

Those sorts of things started on a whiteboard.  This one I don’t have to erase.

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